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Create NSW Funding through the Creative Capital program has allowed for an upgrade of technical equipment at the Blue Mountains Theatre.

The grant of over $50,000 has covered the purchase of new items such as a follow spot, as well as providing upgrades including a higher specification digital projector and Allen and Heath Audio console. These additions will ensure the technical capacity of the theatre continues to meet artist and audience expectations.

Many of the upgrades are not visible to visitors but will make a huge difference to users of the space. Dressing rooms are now fitted with live video and audio feed from the stage which can be streamed into other areas of the building, making it possible for conference plenary spaces in the future.

The upgrades benefit artistic groups in the Blue Mountains who already use the facility, and will attract a larger range of acts as the venue meets the technical needs of more productions.

The upgraded projector has already improved the experience for families attending the popular school holiday movie screenings, and bespoke cinema events such as the Manhattan Short Film Festival and River: A Cinematic Odyssey.

The Creative Capital fund has been established to meet the demands for facilities to support the creative economy and improve access to and participation in quality cultural experiences across NSW. Cultural equity is at the heart of the new Creative Capital Program and will ensure that more people have access to and can participate in the arts.

The technical additions have been added over the past 12 months and already have been making an impact on user experience. With the final elements installed the project has been finalised.