2022 resident Maizy Coombes performing at the showcase event. Photo by Maja Baska Photography.

Propel Projects Emerging Performers Residency is a unique opportunity for emerging performing artists to access space to create, rehearse, perform and connect with additional support, to help them hone their craft and propel their art practice to the next level. The residency program launched in 2022 for emerging performing artists residing and developing their practice in the Blue Mountains. 

Residents access time and space within Council facilities for creative development, alongside a suite of additional support and networking opportunities such as an artist stipend, industry mentorships, technical and production support, culminating in a showcase performance event.

We are thrilled to be working with the following artists in 2023 and look forward to their performance premiers in April 2024.

Mx Robert Frost

Resonant Frequency Scanning

Robert is an improvisational noise musician who will develop a new piece called Resonant Frequency Scanning. Using sound, noise and play, they hope their work will examine the incorporation of speakers, space and most importantly the ear and mind of the listener.

Photo by Chrissie Powell at The Halcyon Fox.

Shana O’Brien

Invisible Strings

Shana is a First Nations dancer, choreographer and visual artist interested in the intersections of movement and visual arts, particularly when it comes to storytelling. She will work with DUST Youth Dance Company on a project about the ways we attach to things, people and places. 

Photo by Ben Pearse Photography.

Cecilia Morrow


Cecilia is a screen and theatre actor and writer. She will be further developing a one woman play that explores a woman’s relationship with femininity, loss and grief as well as personal and societal expectations.

Photo by Mansoor Noor.

Old Folk

Old Folk are Madison Rolland-Evans, John Paul Healy, Sophia Fleming and Izzy Faz (Isabelle Farragher). They are an Old-timey group that play an Appalachian style of American folk, mixed with their own original songs and tunes. They plan to use the residency to fine tune their musical set so they can launch an album.  

Photo by Robyn Bennett.

Propel Projects is coordinated by the Blue Mountains City Council’s Cultural Development department in partnership with the Blue Mountains Theatre and MTNS MADE.