Who decides who becomes the voice of authority?

Large-scale change usually comes from the grassroots, with multiple people playing a role in different ways. Yet social movements are often attributed to a sole, exceptional person. And when these campaigners take the mike, they are often asked to represent a whole population. In Who Made Me Spokesperson?, a panel of changemakers examine the ways speaking up (or refusal to remain silent) has seen them catapulted to unofficial spokesperson roles.
We'll explore what it means to be asked to speak for a diverse community. What is it like to carry that responsibility? And how do we fail when we limit movements to a single voice?

With Clementine Ford, Yves Rees & Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts
Moderated by Milo Hartill
Curated by Amy Thunig

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Wheelchair Access

Dates & Times

Livestream SUN 12 MARCH 2023 - 2:15pm
Duration Approx. 60mins


Blue Mountains Theatre

106 Macquarie Road

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