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Three sold-out shows at the Brisbane Powerhouse and it’s coming our way on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 September when leotards and legwarmers take to the stage at Blue Mountains Theatre.

All Fired Up: An 80’s Mixed Tape Musical is the brainchild of two regional creatives from far north Queensland, Rachel Terry and Roz Pappalardo, who have produced a cranking and heartwarming rock cabaret theatre performance that tells the story of one woman's epic mid-life crisis that is solved by a touch of time travel and a close encounter with her younger self; and of course, the favourite songs of her youth.

Roz Pappalardo, known for her long-term music career thanks to Women in Docs, The Soldiers Wife project, and now the band Lontano, and her best mate, Rachel Terry, NIDA-trained actor, writer, community engagement specialist, choreographer and director, both live in Cairns.

The inspiration to write All Fired Up came from their shared experience of growing up in isolated locations, relying on their books, music, dancing and imagination for inspiration; and a question around how the artistic engagements of our youth can impact the people we ultimately become.

The show’s central character is Tammy Tooth who is on the brink of a most epic existential midlife crisis. An unexpected quirk of fate sends her back in time to come face to face with her 15-year-old self in her teenage bedroom, giving her the chance to ask the big questions, remember what makes her tick and help her reclaim her passion for life.

A jam-packed show, part rock concert, part energetic dance class, part heartfelt theatre piece, featuring Rachel Terry as Tammy Tooth and her real-life 16-year-old daughter, Scarlett Terry, as the protagonists who time travel and find out the power that music can have in solving life's problems.

Roz Pappalardo is your favourite radio DJ Neon, life advice expert, and singer of 20 hit songs of the 80’s and she fronts a powerful live band expertly moving from one musical style to another.

This show will inspire, excite and literally have you and all of your family and friends singing and dancing on your seats. Come along and let All Fired Up solve the problems of your world, one 80's song at a time.

The theatre performance is on Saturday 16 September at 8pm and on Friday 15 September join the cast for 80’s Aerobics from 6-7pm!

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