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International artist to run performance art intensive workshop at The Hub

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith is an artist, facilitator of International Performance Art Workshops and curator of Performance Art Events and she will be running the Crouching Toes Under Red Skies workshop at Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub from Thursday 23 February to Sunday 26 February.

The workshop is aimed at those with a performance art/fine art background as well as those interested in exploring performance art and interdisciplinary routes on the edges of performing arts.

Blue Mountains City of the Arts 2022/23 PROPEL Projects - Emerging Performers Resident, Katya PetetskayaI (pictured) will be attending the workshop and said Dagmar has had a big impact on her work.

“I attended a workshop with Dagmar before in Athens,” Katya said.

“Working with Dagmar has had an enormous impact on my practice as it helped me to define my own performance methodology. I know my performance practice will benefit further from Dagmar’s guidance during the, through testing and executing new ideas and working with new performance materials.” 

Participants will experience an array of methodologies and approaches to performance art, whilst being actively encouraged to delve into new and unchartered territory. Participants will receive one-to-one mentoring during the development of their own original performance works and ideas.

Dagmar has 20 years’ experience in Performance Art and has developed and founded many international performance art events that have received significant funding support and wide praise from the performance art community.

To register for the workshop click here.